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Oil Pollution Control
The African continent is located between the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. Eighteen (18) African countries are oil producers onshore and offshore. African coastlines are hotspots for marine pollution due to the presence of some of the densest shipping routes in the world. Pollution prevention and the protection of the marine and terrestrial environment are therefore important issues for African countries.
SOCOFI therefore presents solutions to the African country which consists of the prevention, cleaning and recovery of hydrocarbons. The solutions proposed by OILEA enable oil-producing countries to recover up to 10% of the national crude production that is currently lost in exploitation, storage, transport and processing.


Reduce operating costs in the oil industry
Recover oil lost in transportation and storage
Recovery of land and marine areas contaminated by hydrocarbon

Cleaning and Optimization Services for Oil Facilities

• Extraction Wells
• Oil recovery in pits
• Flow stations and refineries
• Tanks, reservoirs and tankers
• Oil pipelines
• Spills and discharges
• Cleaning oil ships

Water Works for Serving Industry and Environment

• Waste Water Treatment
• Mining Water Treatment
• Water Treatment from Oil Wells
• Discharges and Special Procedures

Extraction Wells

• Recovery disabled Wells due to incrustations
• Improvement in the transport process.
• Oil displacement in less time
• Kinematic viscosity reduction
• Significant reduction of pressure
• Improved traction pumps
• Avoids the use of Naphthas

Oil Recovery in pits

• Extraction of crude oil to receiving tank
• Fluidization and heating of the oil
• Separation water / oil
• Total oil recovery
• Water reuse


• Cleaning clogged pipes
• Crude Sediment Reduction
• Cleaning Impregnated tanks
• Preventing oxidation in towers

Tanks, Reservoirs and Tankers

• Interior cleaning and descaling with oil recovery
• Cleaning installation, exteriors and floors
• No risk of explosion
• Unpolluted water and biodegradable

Oil Pipelines

• Kinematic viscosity reduction.
• Decreased transport costs
• Descaling on the inner walls of the tube
• Elimination of breakages and oil recovery from spills

Spills and Discharges

• Cleaning and full recovery of crude oil breaks, dumping at sea, dumping into rivers and soil contamination.
• No risk of explosion
• Unpolluted water and biodegradable
• Cleaning landing and work areas

Cleaning Oil Ships

• Interior cleaning with oil recovery
• External cleaning the hull without dry dock

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