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Study of the project

Socofi is in charge of studying the project, adapting it for its eligibility to financial partners. Our experts take care of´ :
• Set a detailed profile of the project, evaluate the cost of the investment, the rate of return evaluation and the guarantees provided by the clients
• Develop a project proposal for implementation.
• Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan.
• Evaluate quality and risk.
• Present the loan proposal to our financial partners

Search for financing

Socofi is in charge of presenting the projects to its financial partners, including banks, crowdfunding, crowdlending, crowdequity, business angels, venture capital and negotiating favourable financing conditions

Making projects profitable

In a sector marked by research, mechanization, high demand, competitiveness and product quality, the ability to carry out a profitability study is necessary to ensure the performance and sustainability of all types of projects. The success of a project is the result of taking into account the different dimensions of the project: organization, processes, systems and production tools and the key men and women who carry it out. Our objective is to help public and private institutions to manage and succeed in their projects during all stages of the project: by intervening in the study phase and the operational implementation of the projects.

Our services:

• Support in the organization and project management.
• Support in process optimization
• Support in project control and revenue management.
• Support in maintaining operational conditions.

Human Resource Management

The management of Human Resources is fundamental to the profitability of a project SOCOFI SL is convinced that a project only succeeds if the men and women of the company are the key players

Our services:

• Diagnosis of problems.
• Implementation of the management support plan.
• Coaching of project managers and managers.
• Accompaniment to improve economic performance.
• Support for the maintenance and development of the company's skills.
• Accompaniment in the development of communication.
• Management of Personnel Administration and Payroll
• Manpower management.
• Staff training
• Recruitment of staff.

Project Management

SOCOFI supports public and private institutions in the implementation of efficient project management methods.

Our services:

• the study of the organization.
• analysis and process definition.
• the realization and deployment of the tools.
• the steering of the project.

Financial management

Financial management plays a central role in the profitability of a project. SOCOFI SL can act as an advisor, stakeholder or person in charge of the organisation and financial systems.

Our services:

• Assist in planning.
• Production of accounts
• Accounting reporting.
• Compliance with standards.
• Financial management.
• Optimization of organization and processes

Managment of supply chain

• Support public and private institutions to improve performance in project management.
• Support public and private institutions in the complete planning of the activity.
• Support public and private institutions in the import and export process.
• Assistance in the implementation of high-performance information systems.
• Support in optimization, organization and processes.
• Support in supply, production, storage, and distribution to meet the obligation to adapt costs, increase working capital requirements to customer expectations: speed, immediacy, real time and legal obligations.

Management of Research and Development

Research is a lever at the service of an organization and accelerates profitability.

Our services:

• Support for the study of specific issues.
• Support in the search for expertise and skills.
• Support to manage strategy and planning.
• Support to improve performance.

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